Larry Lessig: AI generated works should be copyrightable but only if AI system registers it

Fascinating interview of Harvard Law Professor Larry Lessig about AI on Nilay Patel’s Decoder.


Harvard professor and internet policy expert Lawrence Lessig and Nilay discuss whether AI-generated works of art constitute fair use under copyright law. The answer? Well… it’s complicated. #ai #copyright #fairuse #law #policy #aiart #legal

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“The view that I have which is surprising to people is that I absolutely think that when you use AI to create work there out to be a copyright that comes out of that….

“What we need is an efficient system to basically just allocate the rights.

“Now the tweak I would make, which I think is really critical, is I would say you get a copyright [using] these AI systems if and only if the AI system itself registers the work and includes in the registration provenance so I know exactly who created it and when. And it’s registered so it’s easy for me to identify it because the biggest hole in copyright law, its so-called property system, it’s the most inefficient property system known to man. We have no way to know who owns what.”

Larry Lessig on copyrightability of AI generated works

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