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Is Bard better than ChatGPT & Microsoft in financial advice?

Dan Murray-Serter tweeted a thread outlining 7 different ways that Google’s Bard is better than ChatGPT, in his view. The tweet amassed nearly 5 million views! Incredible!

Murray-Serter’s first example was that Google Bard is already hooked up to the Internet and Chat-GPT isn’t. Of course, there’s a plug-in for ChatGPT users to access the web, too. Don’t forget that Microsoft Bing’s Chat is also online.

We set out to test all three applications. Using a similar question that Murray-Serter asked, we found that Google Bard does, in fact, perform better than ChatGPT in answering that financial question. But we do have some concern that Bard gave what appears to be financial advice (“a possible investment strategy”), notwithstanding the caveat (“This is just a suggestion and you should tailor your investment strategy to your own risk tolerance and investment goals.” Does Google really want to allow Bard to recommend cryptocurrency investment strategies?

Question 1: Give me the top 10 highest-performing cryptocurrencies in 2023, and give suggestions on how to invest with $100,000.

Google Bard Answer
ChatGPT 4 answer with access to Web

We also asked Microsoft Chat (via Bing) the same question. And we think Bard’s again was better.

Microsoft chat answer

Of course, one question is a not a great test to make any hard-and-fast conclusions. We tested all three with a second question. And this time, we would rank the answers from best to worst based on their specificity and use of facts: (1) ChatGPT hooked up to the Internet, (2) Microsoft Chat, and (3) Google Bard.

Question 2: Is it a good time to invest in US treasury bills?

chatgpt 4 answer with access to web
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Microsoft chat answer
google Bard answer

Based on our quick test using financial investment questions, we surmise that none of the three (Google Bard, ChatGPT, and Microsoft) has a clear edge, no pun intended.

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