Will Google indemnify users of Bard from copyright lawsuits?

Google joined the growing list of Big Tech companies pledging indemnification of their users from IP lawsuits over their use of generative AI tools offered by the companies.

So far, the list companies offering indemnity includes:

What’s interesting about Google’s announcement of indemnification of its users is that it doesn’t list Google Bard, the chatbot.

Instead, here’s what Google says:

The generated output indemnity will apply to Duet AI in Google Workspace and to a range of Google Cloud services. As a part of today’s announcement, products covered include:

  • Duet AI in Workspace, including generated text in Google Docs and Gmail and generated images in Google Slides and Google Meet
  • Duet AI in Google Cloud including Duet AI for assisted application development
  • Vertex AI Search
  • Vertex AI Conversation
  • Vertex AI Text Embedding API / Multimodal Embeddings
  • Visual Captioning / Visual Q&A on Vertex AI
  • Codey APIs

An important note here: you as a customer also have a part to play. For example, this indemnity only applies if you didn’t try to intentionally create or use generated output to infringe the rights of others, and similarly, are using existing and emerging tools, for example to cite sources to help use generated output responsibly.

It’s unclear whether this means Bard isn’t covered.

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