Video Google I/O keynote: Bard features in Workspace, Help me write Gmail, Pixel Fold phone. Does it match Microsoft?

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Everyone knows that Microsoft has gotten out of the AI starting blocks first, with its impressive launch of ChatGPT integration in Microsoft Edge, Bing, and 365 apps, starting back in February 2023. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella even boasted about wanting people to know that Microsoft made Google dance, in the AI arms race.

Ever since then, Google seems to be playing catch up.

At its 2023 I/O conference yesterday, Google announced various product and software developments, including:


The keynote had a feel of an Apple event. With a mix of both Pixel products and new features in Google apps and AI programs, it was somewhat hard to know what to get excited about the most.

The Pixel Fold had the greatest wow factor. But that might have been somewhat distracting from the need for Google to impress people with its Bard, PaLM2, and AI integration.


First look at the Google #PixelFold 😍 @Google Pixel #GoogleIO #FixedOnPixel

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CEO Sundar Pichai couldn’t stop mentioning AI.


Pretty sure Google is focusing on AI at this year’s I/O. #google #googleio #ai #tech #technews #techtok

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The demo of using Bard to write computer code was probably impressive to programmers.

The integration of Bard chat in Google’s Workspace looks pretty cool. But, after Microsoft’s Copilot presentation, it probably lacks in the “wow” factor.

My favorite part was using Bard to help create a Google sheet for dog walking.

Google also announced that images generated by Google Lens will have metadata indicating they are AI-generated. Creators can also add metadata to mark them as AI-generated. Disclosure of AI-generated content appears to be a growing sentiment both in the industry and in legislation, such as the EU’s pending AI Act.

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